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Members Services
Professional Liability Insurance ("SPLI")

Secondary Professional Liability Insurance ("SPLI")

If you have any questions about the SPLI please see if the SPLI Question and Answer bulletin in English or French provides you with an adequate answer. If your concerns are not addressed in the Q and A, contact us with your inquiry.

APGO Council, at its meeting on December 13, 2004, voted unanimously to include the Association in the national Secondary Professional Liability Insurance (“SPLI”) plan for professional engineers and geoscientists in Canada.

The opportunity to become part of the plan arose as a result of a special request made by both the Ordre du Geologie du Quebec (“OGQ” ) and APGO to CCPE (the Canadian Council of Professional Engineers) the coordinators of the plan during 2004.

Effective April 1, 2005, all APGO members in good standing are included in the SPLI coverage offered by the plan.

The national SPLI program for professional engineers and geoscientists is modeled after similar coverage that has been mandatory for members of OIQ - the Professional Engineers of Quebec - for many years. On March 31, 2002, the Security Insurance Company of Hartford issued policy number 967000 which covered 9 participating associations: APEGGA, NAPEGG, APEGS, APEGM, OIQ, APENS, APEGNB, APEPEI and APEGN. On April 1, 2005, that policy was modified and expanded to include OGQ and APGO.

The Certificates of Insurance can be viewed in both English and French. The Secondary Professional Liability Group Insurance Plan Certificate of Insurance is also available in English and French.

The policy provides all APGO members with $100,000 in secondary liability coverage, including defence costs, to protect them against claims made while the policy is in force.

The SPLI program is the culmination of the efforts of APGO Insurance Advisory Committee to ensure that APGO members could avail themselves of this affordable, minimum level of liability coverage available to our fellow professionals in our sister associations.

The program is mandatory for all members of APGO and full participation by all members of the participating associations ensures the program's existence and spreads the overall potential exposure and direct costs so that individual premiums are as low as possible. The participation of the majority of associations in Canada means that the cost of this secondary insurance is below $10 per member. At APGO, annual premiums are covered from within each members' existing annual membership dues amount.

In providing professional liability insurance coverage to individual engineers and geoscientists, the program is intended to respond to claims by the general public against an engineer or geoscientist for professional services provided. This coverage is not for firms, corporations, public entities or employers as these groups are expected to carry specific liability coverage as part of their business.

While the main purpose of the program is to insure individuals engaged in areas other than standalone consulting, there are certain situations where the policy may apply to consulting engineers or geoscientists.

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