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Unauthorized Use of the Professional Designation
Welcome and Congratulations New APGO Members!
Call-for-Volunteers for Complaints Committee
kk Waves of Opportunity; Future Careers in Water

Unauthorized Use of the Professional Designation
By Andrea Waldie, P. Geo., APGO Executive Director & Registrar

Occasionally, it comes to the attention of the Association that there are those who, without being registered with the Association or with any geoscience regulating body in Canada, represent themselves as a “professional geoscientist” or “P.Geo.” in various media and/or business situations. This type of misrepresentation and the use of the professional geoscientist designation, or the inference that one is qualified to use the designation, puts the public, the environment, and the reputation of geoscience businesses and the profession of geoscience at risk. Indeed, the Act stipulates:

  3. (1) An individual shall not practise professional geoscience unless he or she is a member of the Association and practises in accordance with the terms, conditions and limitations imposed on his or her membership. 2000, c. 13, s. 3 (1). Same    
  (2) An individual shall not imply or represent that he or she is qualified to practise professional geoscience unless he or she is a member of the Association. 2000, c. 13, s. 3 (2).

...... 5. (1) An individual shall not use the designation “professional geoscientist” or the abbreviation “P.Geo.”, or the corresponding French expression or abbreviation, unless he or she is a member of the Association. 2000, c. 13, s. 5 (1). Same
  (2) An individual shall not imply or represent that he or she is a member of the Association if he or she is not a member. 2000, c. 13, s. 5 (2).

Individuals who have not gone through the registration review process may not be qualified to conduct professional geoscience, even though they may appear to be qualified. They may not be able to conduct themselves professionally or ethically. As well, an individual may be competent to conduct geoscience, but would not be bound by the Professional Geoscientists Act,
2000, and therefore

would not be held accountable for incompetent performance, misconduct, or unethical behaviour. To encourage an individual to practise geoscience without being registered, or to facilitate such practise, puts all at risk; the public, the environment and those who work in the profession of geoscience and depend on the reputation of the profession. Ontario Regulation 258/02 - DISCIPLINARY MATTERS — COMPLAINTS AND DISCIPLINARY PROCEEDINGS RELATING TO THE PRACTICE OF PROFESSIONAL GEOSCIENCE stipulates:

Professional misconduct
    16. (1) On a hearing, the discipline committee may find that a member or certificate holder has committed an act of professional misconduct. O. Reg. 258/02, s. 16 (1).
    (2) The following are prescribed as circumstances in which a member or certificate holder commits professional misconduct:

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Call-for-Volunteers for Complaints Committee

This crucial Committee is populated by APGO members and public non-member representatives. The members of the Committee review and recommend policy and may serve as panellists during the complaint review process. There is some training required for members of this Committee. The next one day Complaints Committee member training session is scheduled for October 28th at Black Creek Pioneer Village, Toronto. This excellent meeting venue has kindly been provided by Toronto and Region Conservation Authority. If you are interested in joining the dedicated members of this vital Committee and in attending the next training session, please contact Milan Situm for further details. Remember, volunteer hours for committee work as CPD eligible.

Please forward your contact information to:
Milan Situm, P.Geo.
Chair, Complaints Committe

fd Welcome and Congratulations New APGO Members! fd

New Practising & Limited Members
Miss Suzzane J. Butorac, P.Geo.
Mrs. Amanda Sills, P.Geo.
Miss Adrian E. Forsyth, P.Geo.
Mr. James G. Lavigne, P.Geo.
Miss Krystal N. O'Neill, P.Geo.
Ms. Albanie J. Thérèse Tremblay, P.Geo.
Mr. Peter A. Williamson, P.Geo.
Mr. Jeffrey C. McVeety, P.Geo. (Limited)
Mr. Daniel S. Brake, P.Geo.
Mr. Robert Jason Cole, P.Geo.
Mr. George R. Cooke, P.Geo.
Mrs. Amy M. Newport, P.Geo.
Mrs. Marie F. Mathe Drader, P.Geo.
Dr. Bahar H. S M, P.Geo. (Limited)
Mr. Michael P. Rosatelli, P.Geo.
Mr. Sébastien B. Bernier, P.Geo.
Mr. Paul Gann, P.Geo.
Dr. Mehmet F. Taner, P.Geo.
Mr. James R. Clark, P.Geo.
Mr. Rajbinder B. Singh, P.Geo.
Mr. Johan T. Shearer, P.Geo.
Miss Katja A. Sahala, P.Geo.
Mrs. Aline Leclerc, P.Geo.
Ms. Mary Stalker, P.Geo.
Mr. Richard F. Nanna, P.Geo.
Dr. David Butler, P.Geo.
Mr. John G. Keating, P.Geo.
Mr. Charles Q. Barrie, P.Geo.
Mr. Andrew P. Wigston, P.Geo.
Ms. Elizabeth A. Bowslaugh, P.Geo.
Mr. Mark D. Ross, P.Geo.
Dr. Martin G. Shepley, P.Geo.
Mr. Jason R. Hudson, P.Geo.
Mrs. Julie A. Palich, P.Geo.
Mrs. Lisa A. Ragsdale. P.Geo.
Mr. Tudorel Ciuculescu, P.Geo.
Ms. Wendy S. Best, P.Geo.
Mr. W.R. Eric Shilts, P.Geo. (Limited)
Dr. Alan G. Galley, P.Geo.
Mr. Guido G.P. Serafini, P.Geo.
Dr. Richard A. Everitt, P.Geo.
Dr. Larry J. Hulbert, P.Geo.
Mr. Xianghua (Shane) Hu, P.Geo.
Mr. R. Antoine Yassa, P.Geo.

New Temporary Members
Mr. Michael Flanagan, P.Geo. (Temporary)
Mr. Pierre de Courval P.Geo. (Temporary)
Mr. Richard F. Nanna, P.Geo. (Temporary)
Mr. Alan Roberts, P.Geo. (Temporary)
Mr. Glenn J. Mullan, P.Geo. (Temporary)

New Geoscientist-in-Training
Mr. Kay Hofmann
Mr. Manish V. Patel
Mr. Bradley E. Latos
Mr. Nelson O. Campos Alvarez
Mr. Gabriel Arseneau
Ms. Dale L. Holtze
Mr. Andrew D. Day
Mr. Robert J. Stuetzle
Mr. Olufolahan A. Ige
Mr. Charles C. Moore
Mr. Andrew A. Benson

New C of A's
Groundwater Management Inc.
Innovative GeoSolutions Inc.

Executive Committee Meeting, October 6, 2010.
  Field Notes Newsletter Committee Meeting, October 6, 2010.  
  Executive Director, Andrea Waldie, participates in a Geoscientists Canada teleconference concerning the Internationally Trained Geoscientists HRSDC funded project, October 4, 2010.  
  Second Brownfields Guideline Agreement status report submitted to the MOE as per APGO/MOE agreement timelines, September 30, 2010.  
  Budget and Finance Committee Meeting held, September 29, 2010.  
  Registration Committee Meeting held, September 28, 2010.  
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1. CBC News: Ancient rock formation uncovered in N.B. A story reported by the CBC about a significant geological site being preserved in Saint John shows the impact that raising awareness of geoheritage in a community can have.

2. a) National Park Service: National Fossil Day, October 13, is part of Earth Science Week.
b) National Fossil Day - CD Offer: To celebrate National Fossil Day, The Geological Society of America is offering its Explore Fossils teacher resource CD for sale.

s3. Canadian Association of Science Centres: The Canadian Association of Science Centres has added another deadline for funding applications for its grants of up to $7,700 to support a science intern at your organization.

s4. On October 16 at 1:00 p.m., everyone is invited to attend the opening of Metcalfe Geoheritage Park in Almonte, a 20-minute drive from Ottawa.


5. The Science and Technology Awareness Network 2010: conference will be in Ottawa, Nov. 4-5.

re6. Science Watch: Two-part profile on Natural Resources Canada, home of the Geological Survey of Canada.

s7. a) National Science and Technology Week : October 15-24. b) Carlton University: “Explore Geoheritage Day” is an Ottawa-based NSTW event. c) Canadian Society of Petroleum: There will be two very interesting sounding talks at 6:30 p.m. in Calgary. d) American Geological Institute: Student Perceptions of Geology and Implications for Choosing Among Different Science Majors.

re8. Fasken Martineau: Canada's Largest Environmental Class Action Judgment Based on Pollution: Nickel Refinery to Pay $36M to Homeowners.

APGO Career
Opportunities for


Waves of Opportunity; Future Careers in Water
By Brian Luinstra, Ph.D. P.Geo., Huron Geosciences

Ten years after the tragic events of 2000, students came to Walkerton to learn about exciting career, volunteer and other post-secondary opportunities in the water management field. The community, including the schools, youth groups such as Ripples of Change, and citizens felt that hosting this forum was an integral part in remembering the tragic events that took place 10 years ago.

On June 1, 2010, secondary school students from across Grey and Bruce Counties converged at Walkerton District Secondary School for a one-day conference; part of a series of events to mark the 10th anniversary of the Walkerton Water Tragedy.

APGO Member Brian Luinstra (Back Row) with Staff and students in front of the APGO display at the Waves of Opportunity youth day held at Walkerton District Secondary School, June 1st, 2010.

These events were organized and coordinated by the student-led “Ripples of Change” group, based out of Walkerton. The conference consisted of short presentations/demonstrations, interactive displays and a keynote speaker; all of which gave students the opportunity to learn about post-secondary school study opportunities, careers related to water management and volunteer opportunities. Businesses and industries related to water were highlighted.

The keynote speaker for the day was Ryan Hreljac, founder of Ryan’s Well Foundation. At the age of 18, Ryan Hreljac is a compelling voice for those impacted by the water crisis throughout the developing world. His story has inspired people of all ages to take responsibility for their world, whether in their own communities or, like Ryan, in far away places.

An excellent line-up of agencies, organizations, industry, and colleges were available at trade show-style information displays, including the APGO.

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Ronald Mertens, an APGO member passed away June 15, 2010.
Click here
for the obituary website.

From Far Afield

1. BBC News: Hungary battles to stem torrent of toxic sludge.

2. a) NASA: Earth Observatory; Mountaintop Mining, West Virginia. b) Wired: Huge Holes in the Earth: Open-Pit Mines Seen From Space.

s3. BBC News: New Zealand's Christchurch hit by powerful tremor.

4. BBC News: France drains lake under Mont Blanc glacier.


5. BBC News: Chile mine rescue 'set to begin in mid-October'.

re6. UPI.com: Geologist: Parts of Houston are sinking.


s7. a) BBC News: BP finally seals leaking Gulf of Mexico oil well. b) Physorg.com: Gold rush on the Gulf: Researchers clamor for cash. c) Signon San Diego: Gulf driller to light up cigar after job is done.


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