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Ethics and Professional Geoscience Practice in Ontario
Welcome and Congratulations New APGO Members!
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Ethics and Professional Geoscience Practice in Ontario
By Stephen Wilson, P.Geo., Past APGO President

The primary purpose of professional registration is to protect the public. The APGO, along with other professions, has established ethical standards that members are required to maintain. In the case of the APGO, these standards are set out in Ontario Regulation 60/01. A professional code of ethics, at a minimum, will require that members behave ethically, honestly and within the law.

When professionals conduct their practice ethically, honestly and within the law, the public has confidence that the statements or reports produced by a geoscientist are what the professional believes to be true. That does not imply that the work is perfect, or in fact is even correct. Nevertheless, if the public believes that the professional has done poor or incorrect work, there are resolution methods available, including the complaint system or liability insurance, and of course they can go elsewhere in future for these services. If the public suspects that they are being lied to and “fleeced”, they may lose confidence in the system altogether. A professional’s adherence to high ethical standards is vital to the protection of the public and the reputation of the profession.

A situation has come to the attention of the Association that involves professional ethics, or rather an alleged lack of the same, and will be of interest to many APGO members. A professional geoscientist, registered with the Ordre des géologues du Québec (OGQ), faces some very serious allegations of fraudulent behaviour in relation to a property owned by the company employing the geoscientist and located in the Larder Lake gold mining district in north-eastern Ontario. The allegations, which have been brought by the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC), concern the geoscientist’s statements made in reference to the degree of mineralization detected in a drilling program conducted on the site and certain activities regarding the identification of drill samples, the results of assays, and the project assay database.

Essentially, the OSC alleges that the geoscientist, who was acting as the Qualified Person under NI 43-101 for the project, did the following:

Manipulated and inflated assay results related to the project and then caused these false results to be reported in press releases issued by the company; and,
Misled independent Qualified Persons retained by the company to verify data for the project by altering assay databases, altering assay certificates, falsifying drill core logs and re-arranging and replacing core being verified by them.

The details of the case make an interesting, if somewhat dismaying, read. I will leave it to the members to review the details of the case. The OSC’s Statement of Allegations can be obtained using the following link.

Readers are encouraged to review the severity of the penalties that could be imposed by the OSC at the following link.

It should also be pointed out that the subject of the allegations is also facing a disciplinary hearing from the OGQ. Notice of this hearing may be found at the following link.

Note that none of the facts, upon which the OSC’s or OGQ’s allegations are based, have been proven before any tribunal.

While the alleged activities that are the subject of the OSC complaint appear to be particularly egregious, and transgressions of the type alleged are fortunately rare, the damage that is done to the reputation of the practitioners, the profession, and the industry by unethical behaviour by someone in a position of trust can be completely out of proportion to the frequency of the problem. A loss of trust (and much more) can result from other, less serious ethical transgressions. It is the duty of all members to practice ethically, and to report unethical professional geoscience behaviour that they may encounter in others, in order to protect the public.

fd Welcome and Congratulations New APGO Members! fd

New Practising & Limited Members
Mr. Carlos H.C. Costa, P.Geo.
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Ms. Françoise J.M. Gervais, P.Geo. (Limited)
Mrs. Gabriele Guderjahn, P.Geo. (Limited)
Mrs. Laura I. Karrei, P.Geo.
Mr. Garth Kirkham, P.Geo.
Miss Lindsay R. Moss, P.Geo.
Mr. Volkan Tuncer, P.Geo.

New Temporary Members

Mr. Eric Hébert, P.Geo. (Temporary)
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Mr. Evan A. Orovan
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Mrs. Jessica A. Simard
Mr. Naveed Rehman
Mr. Geoffrey R.A. Moroz
Ms. Katie N. Howson
Mr. Kelechi D. Nwaokocha


New C of A's

DST Consulting Engineers Inc.
South Nation River Conservation Authority
42.2K Geological Consulting Inc.

Executive Committee Meeting, April 6, 2011.
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Fasken Martineau
Plan Nord – Québec Mining:
The First Stakes Are Placed!


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Opportunities for


A Complaint Has Been Filed Against Me? –Don’t Panic! This is What Happens
By Andrea Waldie, P.Geo., Executive Director & Registrar

Over the course of several months from late 2009 to the end of 2010, there were seven complaints filed against members of the Association. Some of the complaints have been resolved and some are still progressing through the complaints and discipline process. Should a complaint ever be filed with the Association against you, the following is a summary of some of the steps in the process that you can expect to encounter and points you may wish to consider.

1. Notice of Complaint from the Association
Your first indication that a complaint has been filed against you will most likely be a letter from the Association. That letter will provide all information pertaining to the complaint that the Association has received.
2. Take the Complaint Seriously
You may believe the complaint to be frivolous, but the notice is a legal document and there is a legal process, which must be followed. When you receive the notice of the complaint and any supporting documentation, read it carefully so you understand the allegations and you can plan your next steps.
3. Identify Timelines Noted in the Notice of Complaint
The notice of the complaint that you receive from the Association will have certain deadlines noted within it. You will need to respond to the Association by a specified date to indicate that you acknowledge receipt of the notice of the complaint made against you. The letter will also indicate a deadline by which to submit your own version of the events with any supporting documentation you may wish to provide for the Complaints Committee’s consideration. If no response is received, the complaint proceeds through the process with the information available.
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Peter Gray, P.Geo. with MTE, Kitchener received the AAPG, Division of Environmetal Geosciences Public Outreach Award which recognizes his contributions to the AAPG Division of Environmental Geosciences by promoting geosciences. Peter has volunteered for 20 years and is one of the founders of the Children’s Groundwater Festival. The award will be presented at the AAPG Annual Convention in Houston, Texas, Wednesday, April 13, 2011.
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MOE Modernization of Environmental Approvals

The Ministry of the Environment has published four regulatory amendments online for public comment (see links below). These postings to the Environmental Bill of Rights (EBR) will enable the implementation of the new environmental approvals framework, under the Modernization of Approvals project, planned for launch in September 2011.

Regulation Proposal Notice - Proposed Regulatory Amendments as a Result of Changes to the Environmental Protection Act and Ontario Water Resources Act, as Amended by the Open for Business Act, 2010 click here

Regulation Proposal Notice - Requirements for Submitting a Complete Environmental Compliance Approval Application click here

Regulation Proposal Notice - Proposed Environmental Activity and Sector Registry Group 1 Activities and Sectors Regulations click here

Policy Decision Notice - Proposed Environmental Activity and Sector Registry Group 1 Activities and Sectors Technical Reports click here

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