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Requirements to Become a Professional

Registration Requirements

To be granted a Certificate of Registration to practise professional geoscience in Ontario, an applicant must:

  • be at least 18 years old;
  • be of good character;
  • hold a minimum of a four-year undergraduate science degree in an area of geoscience, or possess an equivalent or acceptable credential as determined by the Registration Committee, which fulfills the stipulated requirements;
  • demonstrate at least 48 months of verifiable, acceptable geoscience experience, of which at least 12 months has been acquired in a Canadian work environment or equivalent; and
  • complete and pass the Professional Practice and Ethics examination, if required.

First Time Registration in Ontario

The requirements for registration as a professional geoscientist in Ontario are outlined in the Guideline to Registration document, which accompanies the Application form, Work Experience Record and Transcript Request form in the application package. For more details and to clarify this step-by-step process, it is also recommended that you refer to the Professional Geoscientists Act, 2000 (the Act), sections 10 through 14, and Registration Regulation (O. Reg. 59/01).

Click on the following links for additional information on:

Registration Process

For first-time registration, you may either register online, or download the application package and follow these steps:

  • Complete the Application form;
  • Provide original or certified copies of academic transcript(s) from a Canadian university or other recognized institution and have them forwarded directly to APGO by the university or institution;
  • Complete your Work Experience Record (WER) in reverse chronological order, starting with your most recent position, and enclose a copy with your completed Application form. A WER copy along with a reference form must also be sent to each Referee;
  • Provide a minimum of three Referees, two of which must be either Professional Geoscientists, or one Professional Geoscientist and one Professional Engineer (qualified to practise geoscience), in order to verify your WER. Note. Referees must return both the WER and Reference forms directly to APGO;
  • Write and pass the Professional Practice and Ethics (PPE) exam;
  • Include the application fee and membership dues with the completed Application form. To apply for a Practising membership, please enclose the application fee of $288.75 including GST, plus first-year membership dues of $420.00 including GST, for a total of $708.75 payable in Canadian funds to APGO. Note: Credit card payment, as well as cheques, bank drafts or money orders are acceptable for online registration, whereas cheques, bank drafts or money orders should be enclosed with the downloaded Application form.

Internationally-Trained Applicants
If you are internationally trained, please click here for more information.

Application Package
Except for the Application form, which is available for online registration, or by downloading the application package, the following documents can be downloaded in the application package:

Guideline to Registration
Application Form
And/ Or individually (click on each item):

Work Experience Record (Word Format 23 KB)
Referees Form
Transcript Request Form / Request for Academic Documents
The Act
Complaints & Discipline Regulation (PDF size: 60 kb)

Registration options:

1) To register online click here.
2) To download an application package click here. (self-extracting zipped executable 1 832kb)

• For registration steps as an Internationally-trained applicant, click here
• For registration steps in APGO’s Geoscientist-in-Training (G.I.T) program, click here.
• For registration steps in APGO’s Student program, click here.

Review the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) concerning registration. If you have additional questions, please e-mail the Registrar at , or contact the APGO office at 416-203-APGO (2746), or Fax: 416-203-6181.
Note: The required fees must accompany the completed application form.

Applicant’s/Member’s Right of Appeal
APGO’s applicants or members have the right-of-appeal of decisions made by APGO’s Registration Committee. If you wish to dispute a decision made by the Registration Committee, click here for more information.

Geoscientist-in-Training (G.I.T) Program
This is an internship and mentoring program for the G.I.T. or an internationally-trained applicant, during which 48 cumulative months of required work experience is acquired, including 12 months of Canadian or equivalent work experience. To apply for APGO’s G.I.T. program, the following steps are necessary:

• Complete the Application form and check boxes for Sections 2.7 and 11.3, which specify the Geoscientist-in-Training category;

• Provide original transcript(s) of academic record from a Canadian university or another recognized institute. Note: Transcript(s) should be sent directly by the university/institute to APGO, whereas international transcript(s) requiring equivalency evaluation and translation into English should be sent to World Education Services (WES): , or University of Toronto:;

• Provide a minimum of one character reference. Note: Referees do not need to be a Professional Geoscientist (P.Geo.) or Professional Engineer (P.Eng.) at this stage in the process. Once the work experience requirement has been a satisfied, however, a G.I.T. may apply for a change of designation to Practising, and a further two references, either both P.Geo.s or one P.Geo. and one P.Eng. (qualified to conduct geoscience) are necessary to verify the current work experience record;

• Provide current Work Experience Record (WER), if applicable;

• Include application fees of $105.00 in Canadian funds, including GST. Once the applicant has been accepted as a G.I.T., the applicant will be invoiced separately for annual dues of $140 plus GST.

25 Adelaide Street East, Suite 1100, Toronto, Ontario M5C 3A1
Phone: 416-203-APGO (2746) • Toll Free: 1-877-557-APGO (2746) • Email: