Student Membership: Be the Future of Geoscience

Aspiring to be a professional geoscientist?  Start early! Become a student member of APGO and enjoy the benefits of networking with Professional Geoscientists, mentoring and staying up-to-date with the geoscience field and related industries. Check out APGO Events for learning and networking opportunities.

6 Steps to Becoming a P.Geo.

1. Apply to become a student member of APGO,
2. Use the online Knowledge Requirements Tool Kit
3. Complete a four year B.Sc. and meet all knowledge requirements,
4. Apply and become a Geoscientist-in-Training (GIT). Bonus – students who register to be GITs within 6 months of graduating get their first year of GIT fees FREE,
5. Get four years of geoscience work experience that meets APGO’s requirement, and
6. Register with APGO for P.Geo. designation.

For Students

GC    For Your Reference
Geoscientists Canada’s Resource
Geoscience Knowledge and Experience Requirements for Professional Registration in Canada.

What’s Great About Being a Professional Geoscientist?

Being a Professional Geoscientist means being a part of a proud profession. In this section, APGO members share their perspective on what's great about being a Professional Geoscientist.

Birgit Rameseder, P.Geo.
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Greg Collins, P.Geo.
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Scott Franko, P.Geo.
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David Hunt, P.Geo.
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